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Kiss De Girl by Lurkerbunny Kiss De Girl by Lurkerbunny
Mork looked at her, the girl he had grown to love. He leaned in to kiss her while gently stroking her brown hair. It was her, his one and only... Meg Griffin. Wait, what?! :P

Yep, a crossover crack pairing acted out by action figures in front of a pseudo-romantic background (hey, the sun is beautiful today!) with a Disney song as the title (from a film I haven't even seen the whole way through even). ^^; It's like a storm of DeviantART cliches, but don't worry, this isn't going to become a trend with me. I just thought it would be funny. This is hardly the first submission I've made with this pairing anyway: [link] Hey, it's got the alliteration and everything. (Oh, for those of you FG fans who don't know about Mork: [link] Yeah I used a TV Tropes link. I hope you don't have much to do today :mwahaha: ). I think there could be some justification for it: Mork is a funny, kind, loving alien who doesn't judge people, and Meg is a lonely teenage girl who needs someone who cares about her and also needs some excitement in her life that doesn't involve Peter's fuck ups. Hey, it could work! (And I have paired them up in my fics, but I left a lot of their wacky antics to your imagination. Don't worry, I'll get around to filling the gaps).

As for the zOMGCRACKPAIRINGWITHACTIONFIGURES!!!11 thing... blame Road To The Multiverse and the Robot Chicken universe segment. Robot Chicken actually has used an actual Mork figure like the one pictured in a couple sketches, and if Seth Green makes good on getting Robin Williams to lend his voice for an episode, I hope Robin's willing to play the little Orkan one last time. (One actual good thing that did come out of the mess that was Old Dogs was the revelation that Robin is a Robot Chicken fan. :headbang: ) Anyway, if Mork & Meg were to be an actual RC segment, they'd have to either make the Mork figure shorter or get a custom-made Meg figure that's taller (although since Green is also on FG, that might not be hard). As I said in my journal, I found out too late that 9 inch Mork* towers over poor 4 inch Meg, an even more problematic height difference than the characters really would have (Mork is 5'8, same as his actor, and Meg is only 4'11 according to the Family Guy Wiki). So I had to find some stuff for Meg to stand on to get things right. I used some old floppy disks I had lying around (yeah, you read that right. Dagnabbit you kids and your external hard drives... oh wait, I also have those), including some that were still in a bag, hence that odd bit of plastic on the right. In hindsight I probably should have put that stack on the very bottom. Oh well, I'm too tired to get up and re-shoot this. Besides, I think it does add a surreal quality in the picture. And heaven knows that when you cross Mork & Mindy over with Family Guy, reality really is just a concept!

Also, my window needs cleaning... I should really be more awake before I take pictures so I can pay attention to details :stupidme:

Mork Paramount Television
Meg 20th Century Fox/Seth MacFarlane
zippymax Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010
I can't help thinking Meg is too young for Mork! I know she's into older guys, but she's still got the look of a 14 year old!
vasglorious Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meg is 17 thank you, but you are right about the age thing.
zippymax Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
I know Meg is almost 18 CHRONOLOGICALLY, but PHYSICALLY she's still like a KID!
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