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Mork and Meg by Lurkerbunny Mork and Meg by Lurkerbunny
It's what it says in the title, really!

Spoiler alert: Mork ends up living in Meg's closet at the end of Dead Connie Society. :) Why? Mindy kicked him out of the house (that'll teach you to make friends with Quagmire, Mork!). Don't worry, folks, this is only a temporary arrangement. Mork will be back with Mindy by the end of my next fic. Nothing can keep them apart, their love will last forever :heart: (oh god, I'm getting mushy again!). But in the meantime, Meg could use a friend like him. And Mork is more than willing to befriend this troubled Earth teen as she has to deal with her stressful life (mostly caused by her stupid family).

Drawing Mork in Family Guy style was no easy task. I was basically trying to work from both the canon way they draw Robin Williams and that model sheet I found on eBay (I wonder how old that thing is, anyway), while still trying to make him look somewhat attractive. I did the best I could. I guess he is kinda cute, although a LOT less bishie than how I draw him, obviously (they seem to like drawing every damn line on his face, to say nothing of the nose :hmm: ). As well as those two FG style references, I also used an early Mork & Mindy promo pic to reference the pose ([link] , boo on watermarks), and as you can see, I changed a few things like making Mork's spacesuit like it is in the series (which it wasn't yet when the pic was taken) and made his hair longer because, well... that's the way (uh-huh uh-huh) I like it!

You'll see more of Mork & Meg in my next fic which I'm still working on. It takes place a month after Dead Connie Society so you can use your imagination as to what happened in the meantime (although I'll probably fill in the blanks eventually since I'm always coming up with stuff). Continuity? In my Family Guy fan fiction? It's more likely than you think!

(And if gentlemen prefer blondes, I guess Orkans prefer brunettes. There goes my chance. :( )

ETA: I re-uploaded this pic because I felt I had to tweak Mork's face a bit to make it look more like he canon way Robin is draw (it was the lumpy side of the face that was bugging me). Who knows, maybe now more people will like this!

Mork ©  Paramount Television
Meg © 20th Century Fox/Seth MacFarlane
zippymax Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
It may be mushy, but it's mushy in a nice way.
SensibleMak Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010
I'll admit, this made me laugh for some reason.
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January 20, 2010
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